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What Makes a Good Truck Ramp?

Delivery services and professional movers rely on trucks to get the job done. Of course, loading and unloading a tall truck can be a challenge. To make the process easier, savvy warehouse managers rely on aluminum truck ramps. With the large number of ramps on the market, it can be difficult to find the perfect ramp for an industrial application. The best aluminum ramps, however, share the following commonalities.


As you probably know, aluminum can be slick. When it gets wet, the metal can turn into a virtual waterslide. Instead of halting warehouse operations or risking employee safety when it starts to drizzle, you need aluminum ramps that have texture. The best ones have lines or crosshatching designed to interlock with an employee’s shoe treads.


When choosing the best aluminum loading ramps for your jobsite, you must carefully consider length. If you purchase a ramp that is too long, it might not fit into tight spaces in and around your warehouse. If the ramp is too short, of course, your workers and hand trucks might not be able to climb it. Thus, when you order a tri fold aluminum loading ramp, be sure you know exactly what dimensions you need. For a more versatile solution, consider purchasing an extendable ramp.


To keep your employees and products safe, you want to be certain all ramps stay in place during truck loading and unloading. The best ramps have anchors that help them attach securely to trucks and platforms alike. Even if you don’t choose one of these ramps, be sure you opt for one that resists slippage.


Aluminum is light-weight, which makes it the perfect material for truck loading ramps. Of course, you must be certain your new ramps have solid construction to ensure they hold up in a busy warehouse environment. Ask about durability ratings to be certain you don’t have to replace your ramps after only a few usages.


Finally, the best truck ramps have a good finish to protect them from the elements. When you are ordering your new ramps, be sure you select ones that have enough paint to hold up to any warehouse condition. You may also consider whether you can embolden each ramp with your company logo or other promotional content.

If you are looking for the best aluminum loading ramps for pick-up trucks in the market, you should try to find ones that share these features. With a bit of effort, you can likely order aluminum ramps for trucks that meet all of your company’s loading and unloading needs.


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