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The Game Changer: iPhone X Review

The iPhone. One of the most innovative and creative forms of telecommunications to date. Since its inception in 2007, the iPhone has swept the market by storm, whether it be in terms of sales and attraction; and with all those aspects in their favor, plus the security upgrades that allows you to unlock your iPhone with a simple iPhone unlock code, there is no doubt that this particular device is here to stay.

Now that it’s 2017, it’s time to introduce the latest offering from Apple. Sure, we also got to see the newest iPhone 8 that’s due to be released soon, the main highlight was Apple’s second iPhone; one that will surely change the face of the iPhone forever: the iPhone X. There are different things one should know about Apple’s latest silver offering, which is what you’re about to read after the next few words of this paragraph:

Latest Features 

One of the best things about Apple is that they make sure that their new iPhones are 100% updated for their customer’s maximum enjoyment, which makes the new iPhone X a definite example of this paragraph.

The iPhone X comes with a number of features and other perks that were obsolete in their predecessors. For instance, this phone comes with a longer battery life, even longer than the iPhone 7’s and even the iPhone 8’s. It also comes with a new camera feature that allows portrait lighting for selfies, which makes the selfie game even stronger than ever. Also, it comes with an A11 Bionic processor, the same chip that powers the iPhone 8. In terms of outside appearances, the iPhone X comes equipped with the biggest screen to date, which is an OLED super retina display; and with a screen that big, the notion of Face ID is all the more suitable.

Face ID 

Though this feature may have been seen on other phones, this phone’s variation of the feature is one of pure technological advancement as the iPhone X introduced a new technique when it comes to Face ID. For instance, they were able to rectify the common issue of facial identification within mobile devices, which is inaccuracy.

As time passes by, our faces can have its fair share of changes, both subtle and apparent. With the iPhone X, security is doubly assured since the technology behind this phone’s face ID is enabled to adapt to the changes your face can go through. Plus, it’s got another brand new feature known as ‘Animoji’, which enables one to use their front camera, match their face with any emoji, and give it life by making whacky facial expressions to enable the emoji to move.

Another thing about iPhone X’s face ID is that it can work anywhere and at any time of the day, especially night. Unlocking your iPhone has certainly gotten more convenient; and speaking of unlocking your phone…

Absent Home Button 

Yes, you read that right. Upon first release, the absence of Apple’s iconic home button was definitely noticeable. It was considered as a bold move by Apple as they introduced a new way of using your iPhone, hence the introduction of face ID. Though the phone has yet to be released to the market, the reception of this endeavor is yet to be seen.

Key Takeaway 

All in all, the iPhone X is a definite force to be reckoned with. With the world of technology being in constant motion, we’ll be sure to be on the edge of our seats to see what else the iPhone X has in store.

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