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It is almost a cliché to say that in this day and age, having a weak social media presence can leave your business in danger of being wiped out. Running active and vibrant pages on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can often be the difference between success and failure. In an age of constant information bombardment on the consumer from every angle, what works is regular visibility on multiple mediums as well as the ability to stay relevant in the minds of consumers.

And what better way to stay relevant than through social media. Leveraging the enormous outreach of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others can give a tremendous boost to your business. Speaking of Instagram, you can use a number of ways to grow your online footprint. The more followers you are able to generate, the more visibility your products and services are likely to get, and this increased visibility can drive significant growth in your business if utilized effectively.

Why you should to buying followers on Instagram

Also, it goes without saying that growing your Instagram following can be a challenge. But does it well and you can experience immense success. Do it poorly, or worse, not at all and you not only miss out on a wonderful promotion tool but also run the risk of becoming irrelevant. There are different approaches that you can use to grow your Instagram following. Let’s talk about them bit by bit.

In order to increase your Instagram presence, you could do it the honest and proper way or you could choose the easy route to get to where you want to go. The supposedly right (read: honest) way to increase your following is to devise a well thought-out strategy, set smart goals, share interesting and reader-friendly content, and regularly engage with your target audience.

On the other side, there is the quick and easy way which is to buy 10k Instagram followers on the cheap. Proponents of this tactic argue that this is a vital ploy meant for business entities and other parties to stay relevant. Critics believe that while buying followers can instantly get your numbers up, that is all there is to it. Increased number of followers on paper. These artificially added followers do not do much as they will not be engaging regularly with your page or sharing your posts enthusiastically. We will look at the weight of arguments from both sides a little later in the piece. First, let’s talk about why it is important to have lots of Instagram followers and why people and businesses resort to buying followers.

Importance of Instagram Followers

As discussed already, the whole point of having high visibility on Instagram is to get your business to reach as many people as possible. More followers mean more awareness about your business. Let’s break this down a bit.

When an individual “follows” you on Instagram, he or she is interested in your content and wants to connect to stay updated about your activities. The more such “followers” you have, the more users will be influenced by your offerings. Therefore, it makes a difference to have a large number of followers. If not, then your content pretty much goes by without many users noticing it. The more views you have on your posts, the better they will be ranked on the discover page when users search for relevant hash tags on the Instagram network. As a result, more people will be likely to open your posts and go through your content.

In a nutshell, the more followers you get to have on Instagram, the more popularity you and your business will acquire. The real winners on social media are the individuals and entities with the most likes and followers. They tap the tremendous resource that is social media and devise good marketing and promotion campaigns to attain maximum benefit from it.

Why People and Businesses Buy Instagram Followers?  

We have already talked in great detail about the importance of having more and more Instagram followers. And given that immense importance, it is hardly surprising to note that many celebrities, brands, politicians, and even rights activists have been known to pad their social media numbers by adding bought up followers. The reason for doing this is that social media is a game of “perceptions” and perceptions drive everything on it. When a particular user is appraising an account to follow, the number of followers already listed for that account plays a significant part in his or her decision-making. Number of followers is also a common performance metric that brands use to assess their own Instagram efforts.

One of the reasons people and businesses buy followers is that they might be looking to get off the mark with a quick flow of users that will make real people notice their offerings and encourage them to engage with the brand. Also, buying Instagram followers UK can be done at minimal cost and is a cheap method of driving traffic to an account.

Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers

We can all sit here and talk about how quality matters more than quantity or use other such adages, but the fact is that numbers matter on social media. The majority of users judge an Instagram account by the number of followers it has. Certain companies even do giveaways to some lucky winners and organize online competitions on reaching specific numbers of likes and followers on their social media pages.

A large number of followers will naturally arouse the curiosity of users and they will head to your page to see just what is so appealing to so many people. And chances are that they may be just as fascinated with your exciting content and unique offerings. So, buying cheap followers paves the way to get you more followers on Instagram. From a purely business point of view, more followers mean more views and more views mean more fame/popularity which ultimately means more profit. Therefore, it makes sense to try and drive up the numbers.

Negatives of Buying Instagram Followers

On the flip side, a real case can also be made to not buy Instagram followers and do things the proper way. Proponents of this view argue that when you buy a specific number of followers,

What you get is exactly that: a specific number of followers. Notice the emphasis on the word number. These mechanically added followers would not be very active and enthusiastic about the content you share and post on your page. Not a lot of likes or comments will come from these passive followers whose presence will do nothing else except showing a large number of followers. This may look good while real users are appraising your page, but beyond that you will not see much engagement with the page. Also, when you indulge in such practices, there is always a risk of getting caught in the act. Even though doing this is not exactly illegal or a crime, there is always a debate to be had about the ethical validity of such actions.

Taking shortcuts is likely to undermine your own integrity and brand reputation, something that you undoubtedly work so hard to build. An interesting question to ask in this regard is that if your real customers get a whiff of such practices that you employ to drive up your numbers, would they be interested in being you customers anymore?

At the end of the day, it comes down to what is more important to you and your business. Over 10,000 fake followers or a 1000 real ones who like, comment, share your posts and regularly engage with your brand. The answer to this question will determine where you stand on this thing.

How Does Buying Instagram Followers Work? 

When you decide to buy active 10k Instagram followers cheap , you link your page with some service; make the required payment, and then sit back to watch your audience grow. This can be quite cheap, with most services charging as low as $3 for every 100 followers. How this works is that many inactive accounts are taken over by mechanical bots that can then like and comment on your posts through those accounts.

There are, however, premium service providers as well who charge as much as $1000 for every 10,000 followers. These services run active accounts that interact with your page on a regular basis. Also, there are automated tools that follow user accounts in the hope that the user will follow them back.

The Proper Way to Grow Your Instagram Presence

The first step is obviously to know your audience well, and we mean really well. Research everything about them so as to generate interesting and exciting content that will keep them engaged and enthusiastic about your offerings. Make use of relevant hash tags to give your posts more exposure to large numbers of targeted audiences. This will help a lot in increasing visibility and attracting new followers to your account.

Investing significantly in your Instagram game-plan can also bring about more followers. Do this by utilizing the different advertising options (all linked to some business goal such as brand awareness, product sales, and app download) that Instagram provides.


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