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Facebook Engineering team of Just 100-person helps Advertisers Build Tools and Infrastructure: An Interesting Case Study

When we talk about Facebook, we talk about billions of users and millions of advertisers. But it will be surprising for you to know that as per the Facebook, only a small group of engineers provides tools and infrastructure solutions to the advertisers. Originally, there was only one engineer named as Vastal Mehta, who was the director of solutions engineering in Facebook. Now he has a team of more than 100 engineers. This team works with advertisers and provides them with technology and infrastructure building to execute successful campaigns on Facebook.

Vastal Mehta shared that initially in 2010, it was a very different kind of work when Facebook had not started advertising into the News Feed. The company was aiming to shift towards the mobile, and the advertisers were still trying to get comfortable with the change. The advertisers were not ready in terms of set-up for campaigning to the consumers using the mobile advertising method. Then, Facebook realized that they need to assist the businesses to create the required infrastructure to establish themselves in the mobile advertising arena.

Normally the digital media business does not provide technical support to its advertisers, but the engineering team at Facebook is building products for them. The team is now adept at creating Facebook’s dynamic ads format. This means that the ads can display various products to various users depending on their online activity and interest area.

The site finds an update every hour because thousands of new items keep adding up. Facebook worked with thredUP to introduce the dynamic ads that were connected to thredUP’s real-time product catalog. The system uses machine learning to better the segment targeting. This helps the company show different users different types of ads at different times of the day.

Facebook makes sure to recruit right people for the job. To formulate new ad products and new data pipelines, between the two systems, they have different product people and different operations people. This is how they are able to integrate at the data integration, at the business process level. Facebook confirms that on an average, the clients working with the engineering team garner their return on the spend on the ad increase by 100%

We all know that Facebook has been doing the extraordinary things always. Facebook has also announced its new transparency features as the viewers can now see the ad campaigns from a given advertiser, and also the archive of advertisements related to federal elections. Though this political environment has not bothered the day to day operations of the solutions engineering team, which is still assisting the businesses to innovate and achieve high returns.

Talking about the futuristic vision, the company aims to focus on the area is to assist the clients with concentrating on more machine learning into solutions and achieving competence via the use of technology. They may create improved tools of optimization to assist the client. This seems like a big area of investment of Facebook in the coming year.

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