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Common Problems with Home Water Heaters

Your family depends on your water heater for the hot water that you need for taking showers and for otherwise using hot water in the house. Therefore, keeping your water heater in top-notch condition is very important. Unfortunately, there are various problems that can pop up with your water heater and cause you to have to hire someone for repairs. These are some of the common problems that many homeowners find themselves dealing with in regard to their household water heaters.

Gas Leak

First of all, if your water heater is gas-powered, one thing that you should definitely watch out for is the potential of a gas leak. Installing a carbon monoxide detector nearby can help you protect yourself and your family. Additionally, you will probably want to have your water heater checked out periodically to make sure that it does not need a gas leak repair. If you see any signs of a gas leak issue, it’s imperative to get out of the house until you can have it looked at by a professional.

Electrical Problems

If your water heater is powered by electricity rather than gas, you obviously do not have to worry about gas leaks; instead, you have to think about the potential of electrical problems. Make sure that your wiring in your home is up-to-date, and if you notice any electrical-related issues, contact a certified electrician immediately so that he or she can get to the bottom of the problem.

Water Leaks

As your water heater gets older, you could find yourself dealing with water leaks. Even a minor leak can cause a lot of big problems, and a more serious leak can cause severe water damage. If you find that your water heater is leaking, it is important to cut off the water supply to the water heater immediately. Then, you can have it checked out by a professional so that you can either have it repaired or replaced.

Worn-Out Parts

Over time, some of the parts in your water heater can wear out. This can cause your water heater to stop working completely, or it you can cause it to not work as well as it once did. For example, you could start having problems with your heating element, which is necessary for actually heating up the water in your water heater tank. If your water heater is older and if it is not working correctly, then you will want to have it checked out as soon as possible by a plumber. Then, you may be able to get it repaired. If not, your plumber might suggest that it’s time for you to purchase a new one.

As you can see, there are a few common problems that can arise with water heaters. If you notice any of these issues or if your water heater is older and you would like to have it checked out, it’s a good idea to contact a professional plumber who is experienced in helping homeowners with these issues.


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