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  Benefits of Having a Washer Dryer Stackable Unit



If you live in a small living space, such as an apartment or condominium, you are likely to have a laundry area that does not allow for side-by-side washer and dryer. The washer dryer stackable option is the best choice for reasons beyond space restrictions. Here are some other benefits to having a washer dryer stackable unit.

High Efficiency and Savings

Available in full and compact sizes, stackable sets usually have front-loading machines for practical reasons, with dryers are placed above the washers. This eliminates the need for lid clearance space for a top-loading washer at the bottom of the stack. Front-loading washers use up to 33 percent less detergent and energy and up to 66 percent less water than standard ones. If your dryer is gas-powered, you will have greater energy savings over using an electric-powered dryer. For the most efficient machines, look for the Department of Energy yellow sticker on the products when shopping. Each unit has been rated, with the lowest numbers indicating the highest efficiency. While highly efficient machines may cost more, you are likely to save more money on energy costs in the long run.

Compacts Can Be Better

The washer dryer stackable laundry systems are based on European standards for small apartments and homes. Compact washers tend to have higher load capacity, more cycle options, and faster spin speed. As a result, clothes are drier out of these washers than from standard washers, so that the drying time in the dryers is lessened. Also, compact washers with condenser dryers are easier to install. Unlike traditional dryers, condenser dryers do not require outside ventilation. You could potentially place a stackable unit in a closet with water and power without concern for venting.

Two Pieces Are Better Than One

When considering the best washer dryer stackable unit, it is better to buy two separate machines over a single-piece, or unitized, system. Unitized systems usually requiring venting to the outside and have limited features and capacity. If the washer breaks down but not the dryer, or vice versa, you would still need to replace the entire system. More manufacturers offer many options for two separate pieces attached with a stacking kit than for unitized systems, which are older and less available.

Washer dryer stackable systems are ideal for small laundry spaces and use less water and energy. They are also more efficient and have large load capacities. This alternative to side-by-side and top-loading machines helps save space and money.




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