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6 Steps to Buying the Right Franchise

Owning a business and being successful is a dream that many people share. Many of the potential business owners today are looking towards franchise opportunities as a path to success, but there is no certainty in business. In order to make sure you buy into only the most profitable franchises, here are a few simple steps to help you find your way.

Step 1: Introspection

Before you even start thinking about money and where to put it, you need to make sure that you understand yourself and your abilities. This may seem like a strange thing to say, but many a businessman has failed not because they were poor businesspeople, but simply because they did not understand themselves and the way their personalities might affect a certain type of business. If you know you have little in the way of people skills, then stay away from franchise opportunities that require lots of interaction with customers. If you enjoy interacting with people and being a hands-on manager/owner, then franchise opportunities such as Cash Converters would be the ideal for you.

Step 2: Financing

You want to make money, that’s why you are looking for the most profitable franchise opportunities. However, it takes money, or investment, to make money. So you need to look very carefully at your finances and first ascertain that you can indeed afford to become a franchisee before taking the plunge. If you see a lack, consider waiting until you can afford it, or be proactive and look for investors.

Step 3: Look for recession-resistant business models

Countries around the globe are facing recessions and tough economic climates, so before you invest in any franchise opportunities you need to be sure that they can survive these conditions. Once you have found some franchisors who fit your personality type, do some research to see if there is any sign of support plans or business models in place to safeguard franchisees. Using Cash Converters as an example once again, they make use of multiple revenue streams as part of a recession-resistant business model, and they offer that information up from on their franchise web page.

Step 4: Request information from the franchisor

Once you have looked into the franchisor and you are satisfied that they look like a good franchise opportunity for you, contact them to ask for more information. Any good franchisor should have a complete information package with all the necessary information ready to send to you at the drop of a hat. If possible, try to make sure that they also send you their Franchisor Disclosure Document (FDD).

Step 5: Speak to current franchisees

Even if all of the information looks promising, even the most profitable franchises might have challenges which are not apparent until after you have already invested. This is why it is important to speak to current franchisees to get a better view of what exactly their experience has been like. You don’t want to be stuck in an unexpectedly difficult situation when you could have been forewarned.

Step 6: Make your choice

Finally, all that is left is for you to choose what you can see will be the most profitable franchise choice for you. By this point you have looked at the various franchise opportunities, and at yourself, and you can make an informed decision. Good luck, and may the cash flow be with you!

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