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5 Top Tips for Protecting Your Mobile Phone Screen

If you are in the possession of a mobile phone, chances are that you must have dropped it quite a few times. In this article, I will let you know how you can avoid that feeling of horror you experience when you realise your screen has either been smashed or cracked. These days, we are dependent on our mobile phones as if it were one of our limbs and as such it is pretty safe to conclude that reducing the risk of screen damage is high on a mobile user’s agenda.

We will now delve into the five steps that will inevitably go a long way in helping you prolong the life of your mobile phone screen. Let us get started!

  1. Use a Mobile Phone Case

Even if you hate using a phone case, you ought to use one simply for the sake of reducing the risk of screen damage. Now, markets abound with both basic and cheap cases and the ones that are built to protect your phone in the event of the apocalypse. You are the one to decide how much you can spend and if a basic level of protection works for you anyway. Nonetheless, waterproof cases should ideally be preferred.

  1. Store Your Phone Properly

This might seem hard to many of us, however try not to allow your phone to rattle around loosely in your handbag or laptop case when you are not using it. Also, storing your phone in the same pocket as your keys is not a viable idea. You need to keep in mind that a phone case and a screen protector might not always do.

  1. Keep Your Phone Away from Water

Your phone is not best friends with a dip in the sink, a puddle or a toilet bowl. The trick is to be mindful of where your phone is as well as when you use it. Avoid leaving your phone in the back pocket while using the toilet because it might flip out into the toilet as soon as you pull your jeans back up.

  1. Invest in a Screen Protector

Gone are the days when looking at your screen through a screen protector was like looking at the view on a high speed train whose windows had not been cleaned in a month for today screen protectors are just another name for great protection. Moreover, in no way do they sabotage the smooth running of your phone.

  1. Consider Insurance

It is important to note here that before considering phone insurance, one must check the terms and conditions owing to the fact that many a time there are a number of exclusions.

It can be added here that if the monthly expense of insurance is too much for you to bear, you can indeed go for several affordable mobile phone repair options readily available. Thus it is wise to weigh this up carefully prior to thinking about insurance.

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